Don M. Enns, B.Sc., M.B.A.

President and CEO

Don Enns has been a leader in British Columbia’s life sciences industry for 30 years.  During much of the 1980s and 90s, Mr. Enns led a corporate conglomerate, which included CANTEST Ltd., a BC-headquartered global organization providing professional analytical and clinical services for the environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food safety industries. His contribution helped CANTEST earn a spot among the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada and to be recognized as one of BC’s 25 Best Companies to work for.

Most recently he spent three years representing the life science community with the Province as President of Life Science BC prior to taking this role as President and CEO of TRANSFERRA Nanosciences Inc. (formerly Northern Lipids Inc.)in 2013.

Mr. Enns is a director of numerous local for-profit companies as well as several non-profit organizations involved with national standardization, trade, education, community affairs and public health. He has overseen expansion into European and Southeast Asian markets; been responsible for merger and acquisition activity; and consulted for international agencies such as the UN Development Programme. He currently serves as a director or advisor to World Wildlife Fund, BC Advantage Fund and a number of different academic faculties.  He is a former director or officer of BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, Genome BC, Kinexus, Canadian Association of Laboratory Accreditation and BC Water and Waste Association.

Dr. Clay Flowers,  Ph.D.

Director, Operations

As Director, Operations for TRANSFERRA (formerly Northern Lipids Inc.) during the past ten years, Dr. Flowers managed all aspects of Supply Chain, Project Management, and GMP Manufacturing for the company.  In 2008, he oversaw and implemented the design, construction, and validation of the cleanroom facility used for the manufacture of clinical trial materials.

Prior to joining TRANSFERRA, Dr. Flowers served as Director of Preclinical Development at INEX Pharmaceuticals Inc for eight years. There he was responsible for the non-clinical sections of four Investigational New Drug applications and one New Drug Application – Marqibo (liposomal vincristine) received regulatory approval in 2012.

Dr. Flowers received his doctorate at Louisiana State University Medical Center (Shreveport, LA) in Microbiology and Immunology for the  study of viral transcriptional programming and for the generation of a subunit vaccine targeting a neutralizing epitope of a viral receptor. Later as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellow at University of Michigan, he studied viral defense mechanisms for human immunodeficiency virus, modulators of nuclear factor kappa B, and viral gene function of the newly discovered human herpesvirus 8.

Dr. Norbert Maurer, Ph.D.

Director, Research and Development

Dr. Maurer is a formulation scientist with an accomplished record of advancing many drug technologies from research discovery through preclinical development and into Phase III clinical trials and regulatory approval during the past 20 years. For example liposome-encapsulated docetaxel Alocrest™/vinorelbine to Phase II trials and Marqibo™ that received regulatory approval in 2012.

As the leader of TRANSFERRA’s R&D team, Dr. Maurer provides a unique combination of experience in lipid nanoparticle formulation of small molecules, nucleotide-based drugs, peptides and proteins as preclinical drug candidates. He is also experienced in the application of polymer-based formulations and conventional surfactant and cyclodextrin-based formulations.

Prior to joining TRANSFERRA (formerly Northern Lipids Inc.) in 2015 Dr. Maurer most recently served for eight years as the Head, Formulation/Drug Delivery Division at the Centre for Drug Research and Development in Vancouver Canada. He has designed, set-up, and operated 3 state-of-the-art formulation and drug delivery laboratories; led cross-functional teams in corporate partnerships; and raised funds for drug development in private ventures.

Dr. Maurer received his doctorate in Chemistry from Karl-Franzens University in Austria. He is the author of 31 peer-reviewed publications and an inventor on 6 patents.

Tony Cheung, CPA, CGA

Corporate Controller

Mr. Cheung is a designated accountant with over twenty years of accounting and finance experience in both public and private sector enterprises. He manages all aspects of the TRANSFERRA accounting department activities and provides organizational support as well as financial management to other departments of the company.

Prior to joining TRANSFERRA, Mr. Cheung served as the  Accounting Manager of the biotechnology company Lignol Energy managing multi-million dollar contracts with government.  He has held various positions in diverse technology industries including telecommunications, solid-state lighting, and information technology.