Formulation Development

TRANSFERRA focuses on the development of lipid nanoparticle-based drug formulations such as liposomes, micelles and emulsions, and also has experience with polymer-based formulations and conventional surfactant and cyclodextrin-based formulations. The company works with virtually all drug classes including small molecules, peptides, proteins, mRNA, siRNA and DNA oligonucleotides.

TRANSFERRA formulation development capabilities include pre-formulation studies to characterize the physical and chemical properties of the API and assess compatibility with excipients. The company develops and screens formulation prototypes to identify candidates with relevant pharmaceutical properties (size, chemical & physical stability, controlled release) and then identifies a suitable manufacturing process. TRANSFERRA manufactures promising formulation candidates for PK, efficacy and toxicity testing in animals to identify a lead candidate and scale up the lead to enable GLP toxicology studies.

Examples of formulation development programs at TRANSFERRA include synthetic vaccines, lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations of RNA-based and DNA-based drugs, formulations of hydrophobic, difficult to solubilize drugs, controlled release formulations and ligand-targeted nanoparticle formulations.

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